#METOO at School

The #METOO movement in making waves throughout our social landscape. In the media, #METOO seems, by and large, focused on business industries, particularly the movie and broadcasting industries, which have quite publically taken action against high power men who abused their position. The ME TOO website shows that the movement encompasses far more than that, … Continue reading #METOO at School


5 Olympic Lessons for Students

I love the Olympics. LOVE THEM. Every two years, I dedicate myself to two weeks of near round-the-clock Olympic watching. After every Olympics, I feel a surge of inspiration watching how all of the athlete’s stories play out: the sure-things who underperform, the long-shots who win, the perfectionists who falter, the almost-last-place finisher who competes … Continue reading 5 Olympic Lessons for Students

College Financial 101: Hello Digit!

College is a great place to fine tune academic and time management skills. College is also a great place to begin focusing on improving budgeting skills. Whether your parents are paying for your tuition or you are taking loans and paying for school yourself, learning how to manage and save money is important. I am … Continue reading College Financial 101: Hello Digit!

Planning College Classes, Step 2: Listing Your Major Requirements

Step 2 in Planning College Classes: Listing your major requirements.

Planning College Classes, First Things First: Finding Your Major Requirements

Not sure what do first when it comes to planning your college classes? Here is Step 1 in AcademicRX's 5 step process.

Starting College in the Fall? 5 Things to Keep in Mind Over the Summer

Summer can be fun and games, but just remember to prepare yourself for your first year of college.