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My name is Alexandra Carroll. I am an adjunct professor at St. Michael’s College in Stephen Marsh Photography Alex and Paul Wedding Oct 28 2017_0628 (2)Vermont where I teach courses in The Examined Life and Peace and Justice. I previously taught peace studies and conflict resolution at George Washington University and worked as an academic advisor/coach at Catholic University. I am from the Greater Boston area and lived in Washington DC for about 10 years on and off before moving to Vermont in 2017.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Smith College, a couple of master’s degrees from Yale, and a Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies from Catholic University. In other words, I have been in school a very, very, very long time. With all that schooling, I picked up some practical knowledge of how to be a student and thrive. As an adjunct professor and academic coach, I have gathered more insights to share.

About AcademicRX

AcademicRX is devoted to passing on tips, tricks, advice, and skills that Alexandra has acquired after many years as a student and as a professor. This site also has helpful information for parents about to help ease their transition into your college life, along with discussions about what professors can and cannot share with you according to federal law. If you find yourself in need of academic coaching advice or writing assistance, AcademicRX also offers free material and paid services designed to help undergraduate and graduate students achieve their potential in school and beyond.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, situations you’ve dealt with, and/or advice you would like to pass on. If there are resources you used during your grief journey, please share them with me so that I may include them in my resource list for other visitors.

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