Monday Motivation: Impossible, Done!

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

-Nelson Mandela

Sometimes the broad overview of something is scary. It seems too unwieldy, too daunting, just too damn much. Focusing on the large, overarching thing/project/plan will make it seem too big to tackle. Break things down into smaller pieces, and attack the impossible bit by bit.

Don’t waste time stressing over the giant task before you. Every big thing is just a lot of little things put together. Envision the staircase that gets you from zero to done, write it down, make a list, and just take one step at a time. Then, before you’ll know it, you will stand at the top of the staircase, look down, and see what you accomplished.

Whether it isan assigned project or a life dream, don’t let the impossibility of something keep you from trying to accomplish something.

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