Monday Motivation: Explore Nature

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

-Frank Lloyd Wright

The summer break is an easy time to get caught up in your job or internship. After working hard during the school year, sitting in classrooms and libraries, you may be working hard to earn money or get a foothold in your future career…sitting inside behind a desk eight hours a day. Remember that there is an outside world that has something to offer you.

Take a walk every day, go to the beach or mountains on the weekends, take a vacation and explore the surroundings in a new state or country. Nature offers much for relaxation and meditation, and offers a place where you can reflect on your school year accomplishments (or failures). Nature helps put our humanity in perspective; it reminds us that we are small speck in the world and a fraction as old as the canyons and lakes that we climb and swim.


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