Monday Motivation: Keep a Look Out for Open Windows

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.

-Tom Peters

We have expectations of things we want and how we want them to happen. Sometimes, those things appear to us in a form we had not expected…which causes us to misidentify an opportunity. Sometimes the universe has a shortcut for us or a better path that will lead us to the goal and give us more than we wanted in the first place. Don’t turn down an opportunity just because it doesn’t look the way you expected. Be open to things that manifest differently than you expect, consider how this opportunity can lead to your goal (or to something better).

If you think about it, buildings (house, etc.) have a few doors, but many more windows. We are social conditioned to think that doors are the only way in or out…but is that really true? If you’re expecting the door to open, but the window opens instead…it is still an entryway to the path toward your goal.




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