Planning College Classes, Step 4: General Education Requirements

Typically when we think of Planning College Classes we think about the classes we have to take for our major and the electives we might get to take if we’re lucky. (And I’ll get back to electives in another post.) But, this is only part of the planning process.  We also have to remember that most colleges/universities have a set of general education requirements for students to fulfill.

Some schools don’t have general education requirements. My college didn’t. What we did have was a set of requirements to fulfill if we wanted to be considered for Latin Honors (i.e., magna cum laude, etc.). Your school may have something similar, so check out the requirements first. The following posts can apply to fulfilling requirements for Latin Honors as well as general education requirements.

1420596_59894563 (800x485)This post covers Step 4 in the process of Planning College Classes: Finding Your General Education Requirements.


Why do you need to deal with this now? Because you want to graduate in 4 (possibly 3) years and if you don’t know what you general education requirements are, you may find yourself in college for another year. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but if you can’t cover the cost of an extra year or semester, then you need to make sure you figure out which classes count toward the general education requirements.

This Step is basically a repeat of Step 1 in Planning College Classes: all you have to do is find your college’s general education requirements. I don’t mean the web page or handbook page that tells you about the requirements. I mean, the list of the classes that count toward your general education requirement.


  • Cut and paste them into whatever document you are using to keep track of your requirements, OR
  • Print out the list of the classes and put them in the folder in which you’re keeping the rest of your class planning materials.

That’s all for today!

Next time, we’ll talk about how figure out your major classes might satisfy your general education requirements.


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